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Long-Term Sustainability: At Radisol Group, we run a business where long-term sustainability drives everything we do. Long-term sustainability in our vocabulary is about the long term health of the business in terms of the reliability and affordability of our services, and the knowledge to understand the best ways to implement these cost-saving programs. At its most basic level, our long-term sustainability suggests that we will improve its chances of survival in the future by ensuring that our resources are responsibly managed and maintained to generate new opportunities and growth.

Our values of safety, respect, excellence, courage and one team, express what we believe, how we aim to behave and what we aspire to be as an organization. The values and the behaviour that reflects them are part of our recruitment, promotion and individual performance assessment processes. They define what we expect from our employees and are reinforced by our remuneration structure, which connects how individuals are rewarded with how we work at a group, team and individual level.

Health, Safety and Security: For us, safety is a top priority. Thus, everything Radisol Group aims to do as a company relies upon the safety of our operations, workforce and the communities around us. We strive to generate and preserve safe and healthy working locations and to apply and, observe vigorous operating and maintenance practices at our facilities.

Leadership and Culture:We have designed clear systems and procedures to help all leaders excel as safety leaders and to entrench a solid safety culture with all employees. In addition, our code of conduct clarifies the basic rules our employees need to follow including expectations for operating safely, responsibly and reliably. Our senior management reinforces the message that it is not just ‘what’ we do, but ‘how’ we do it that is important.

Operating Environment: As much as possible, Radisol Group works to avoid, minimize and mitigate environmental impacts wherever we do business. All through the life cycle of our assignments, projects and procedures, we endeavour to manage ecological and environmental influences and address any related impacts in the communities we operate in. Using our reliable operating management systems (OMS), we continuously manage the environmental and social impacts of our operations and projects to assist our businesses to manage their impacts throughout the entire operational life cycle.

Our People and Standards: At Radisol Group, we treat everyone with utmost respect, dignity and courtesy. Our values clearly express what we believe in, how we aim to work as a team, and what we aspire to be as a growing organization. All our intertwined values are part of our recruitment, promotion and individual performance assessment processes and clearly define what we expect from our employees, how we work as a group, team and individuals. 

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How We Operate

At Radisol Group, we strive to be a world-class operator, a responsible corporate citizen and a good employer. We believe we have a positive role to play in meeting growing energy demand – not only in South Africa but across the entire African continent. All our business units are accountable for delivering safe, reliable and compliant operations. We have the obligation and responsibility to recognize and manage risks and bring together people with the right skills and competencies. We work in collaboration with deployed safety specialists and we are subject to independent scrutiny and assurance.

Our aptitude to be a non-toxic and accountable operator depends in part on the competence and performance of our contractors, suppliers and partners. We address this in various ways.

Local and International Footprint:

We have established strategic partnerships and business collaborations with major companies in South Africa, throughout the African continent and abroad. These include suppliers, retailers, wholesalers, buyers, insurers and freight-forwarders and investors, etc., in the areas of our operation. 

Our investment philosophy rests on partnering with businesses and organisations that have a history of delivering durable, valuable and high-quality projects. Furthermore, our strategic alliances are always targeted at companies that will enhance our international footprint and improve our long term sustainability.