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From our headquarters in Centurion, South Africa and distribution centres across the country, we operate three integrated divisions – Radisol Poultry (bulk sourcing and distribution of eggs and chicken), Radisol Brands (packaging and processing of miscellaneous food and beverages); and Radisol Logistics (procurement, storage and transportation of food and beverages).

At Radisol Eggs we source and sell top quality eggs and layers mainly in the metropolitan areas, suburbs, townships, and peri-urban areas of South African and in the SADC region.

We have a distribution centre for all our graded or ungraded products mainly in the Midrand and Centurion areas. Our distribution centres are used for the storage and re-distribution dedicated to provide excellent service through the efficient delivery of products to all our targeted customers. Graded eggs are eggs that have been sorted in the packaging facility according to weight (for example, large, extra-large and jumbo). 

All our egg products are free of antibiotics and hormones. Therefore, you can be assured that all our eggs are of high value, safe and healthy for consumption. Typical with our egg-ceptional style, our products are in the following packs:

We manufacture, distribute and sell high quality processed food and beverages. Our brands have been carefully selected to feed and nurture your daily food and beverage requirements.

Our Export Market:

We export various food and beverage products to the SADC countries, including Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi and Mozambique. Plans are afoot to export to Europe, the Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and some SADC countries.

Our Import Market:

We are one of the few recognisable import and export black companies in South Africa. Through Radisol Brands, we export and import high quality beverages and specialty frozen food for various big and small clients. Our import basket include food products ranging from fresh, frozen chicken, meat, fish, vegetables, french-fries, value-added potato products and processed meats sourced from local and international markets.

We import chicken from the United States of America (USA) through the AGOA dispensation and hope to further import other frozen products, including mutton, beef, pork, fish and mixed vegetables from the USA, European Union and the BRICS countries to supplement the protein products in the country.


For more information on Radisol Brands contact us at

Radisol Logistics plays an effective role and responsive operation in our procurement, warehousing and freight transportation of customer goods and services. We focus on helping our clients across the food and beverage industries to achieve more efficient and effective supply chain.

Backed by a highly skilled infrastructure, throughout the Southern Africa region, unrivalled logistics management expertise and modern technology, Radisol Logistics is able to create and maintain value-driven solutions customized to our client’s requirements.